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Welcome to the gene box. Here we unbox your curiosity about genome mystique and make it work for your advantage. Connect with us to explore possibilities.



Information is key to intelligence and intelligent decisions making. If you had to get a dress or suit made, you’d first get your measurements. If you’re feeling ill, you don’t buy a bunch of medicines from the chemist, you get a doctor’s check-up and buy as per prescription. More relevantly, if you were asked about your body, you’d consult your nutritionist, fitness report or medical history, correct?

But what if you could ask your body about what was best for?... Wouldn’t that be more accurate, reliable… intelligent.

Genetics or DNA is the only link between the known and unknown, the only real indicator that although we belong to the same species, we are individually unique and born with unique bodily preferences. So what better way to understand our body and unlock its secret potential, other than by inquiring into our genes - which define us?

The Gene Box is a DNA Testing service which helps you grow as your genes intended. Your journey starts with us familiarizing your genetic preferences, in order to make you intelligent about your body. We then implement the study in order to design your lifestyle in accordance with lifestyle goals you wish to achieve. Through The Gene Box test - you will know your organs’ optimum capacity, sensitivity dynamics, drug resistances, absorbent and flushing ability, muscle recovery, energy consumption and much more.

Wherever our systematic process leads, you can be sure to unbox things that you never thought you could do, while discovering how to leverage known and unknown strengths, and maneuvering inborn weaknesses. The path that we lay before you makes clear what you can best enjoy, while only abstaining from things you should best avoid, in order to be the best of that which you were born to be.

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meet our team

pranav anam Founder & CEO

A qualified geneticist from Newcastle University, United Kingdom, Pranav’s greatest strength is his ability and agility in setting up and steering large global teams across diverse businesses. He has successfully developed a unique pan-India commercial and collaborative platform to help stem cell scientists, academicians and medical practitioners create best-in-class therapeutic products and services. Pranav has rich exposure across the entire Genetics and Bioinformatics spectrum including Biochemistry, Genetics, Microbiology, Immunology, Bio molecules, Pharmacology and Cytogenetics.

At The Gene Box

Pranav plays the critical role of a catalyst and business accelerator. On the one hand, he spearheads the firm’s business development and strategic alliances, on the other; he actively coordinates with the product development and engineering teams towards continually enhancing TGB’s unique value proposition and expanding its wide range of offerings.

Past Experiences:

  • Director – Strategy, Virtus Wellness for 6 years,
  • CEO - EmProCell for 2 years
  • Deputy GM - EmProcell for 1 year.

shiraz siddiqui Co - Founder

A highly recognized fitness guru and nutritionist that has worked with high profile clients from celebrities to national athletes.

For the past ten years, he has locked horns with Leukaemia, endured as many as four protocols of chemotherapy and radiation and a high-risk haplo-identical bone marrow transplant, coming out every time more determined to fight through and remain healthy. He also competed in one of the most extreme endurance sports - the Ironman Triathlon. With his profound insights, rooted as much in his personal experience, or as reflected in his copious industry accreditations and client testimonials, Shiraz Siddiqui can successfully guide his clients to reach their fitness goals in the most effective manner.

At The Gene Box

With his profound insights and personal experience, Shiraz works on reports and Action plans. TGB’ Nutrition, fitness and wellness programs are scrupulously designed exactly in line with the client’s genetic makeup, age, gender, lifestyle and occupation, which follows a comprehensive health analysis of the corresponding physical and psychological attributes.

Past Experiences:

  • Founder & CEO – Virtus Wellness for 6 years
  • Nutrition & Fitness Consultant - for 15+ years

taher kagdi Head of Operations

Taher has a rich and varied profile spanning different verticals. After his formative stints into Hardware and Glass, wherein he set up and nurtured a thriving trading business within a short span of time, he was bitten by the travel bug and went on to complete his post-graduation in travel and tourism. He made his debut into the travel space with a leading international organization where he was in charge of Operations & Product Planning for International Holiday Destinations, primarily Europe. Thanks to this stint, he developed lasting relationships with best-in-class suppliers and hotels outside India. He handled bookings for more than 5,000 passengers traveling in peak season. During off season, he focused on Exotic Destinations and developed rich insights into the niche product over time.

He eventually became an entrepreneur managing a smart setup specializing in customized travel solutions across the globe. Taher’s core strengths are into Operations, Finance, Product Planning and Customer Relations.

At The Gene Box

He’s focused on achieving operational efficiencies – both front-end and back-end. With an eye for detail and a solution-centric approach, he has carved a niche in personalized and proactive customer service.

Past Experiences:

  • Founder & Director – Beyond Voyages for 7 years
  • Director - Inspired Consultants for 2 years