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Welcome to the gene box. Here we unbox your curiosity about genome mystique and make it work for your advantage. Connect with us to explore possibilities.

fitness professional

fitness professional


A fitness routine that works for one doesn’t work for another and physical exercise isn’t exempted. People's genetic and physical built are different hence respond to exercises differently. The differences are as a result of environmental, lifestyle habits. It was until recently that the studies have shown that genes also affect the exercise people should partake. As a fitness trainer, your aim should be to deliver personalised workouts for clients with exercises, training plans and advice based on the genome variations. Our recommendation to you as a trainer to be up to date with the best training trends using popular technology, mobile apps and genetic analysis to give you the best way to achieve your client's training goals. We believe that you couldn’t motivate your patients better than giving them vital genetic information about their bodies. This information is guaranteed to help them watch their fitness improve.

Our gene screen testing results will determine muscle strength and performance type. This specifically discerns if you are a power athlete or endurance performance. We also provide information on exercise behaviour, muscle power, cardiorespiratory fitness, body weight, insulin, glucose metabolism, lipids metabolism and hemodynamic traits.


It tells us that People's psychological responses to exercise differ. Some lucky people can take up jogging exercises and become aerobically fit quickly while some will complete the same program and develop little endurance as measured by the VO2 increase. This is dependent on their bodies to consume and distribute oxygen in their muscles. With information from our gene test, you shall have a solid base of reference as to why some clients why they are progressing slower than their colleagues in the same fitness plan.

There are more than 39 variations on how genes expressed affect how people become fit. When an athlete favourable genetic profile is combined with optimal exercise in the right environment it will advance an elite athletic performance. Every sport has unique physical requirements, thus as a trainer, you must be able to understand how genes affect the performance of different body parts. You got to consider the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and respiratory and nerves of an athlete need in order to train them. The ACE I/I genotype is associated with endurance performance while ACTN3 R/R is associated with power performance. It’s important as a trainer to note that Genetic mutations alter the risks associated with injuries and post-injury outcomes. However, as at now, no genetic variant has reached a level of predictability in athletic success. The athlete’s status phenotype is hereditary hence supporting the theory that athletic performance may be hereditary.

Get all your clients genetically tested using the gene box so as to help your make personalised training for each of them. Our gene box is guaranteed to keep you ahead of the game. All your athletes will appreciate this vital information and their improved training plan. This will save most of your disgruntled clients the agony of dismal results. Our screening will help you make an informed decision when making training plans.

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