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Welcome to the gene box. Here we unbox your curiosity about genome mystique and make it work for your advantage. Connect with us to explore possibilities.




Have you been wondering why some nutrition plans always have conflicting results most of the time? The dieting plans you set out for your patients may have worked well on Jane Doe and not on John Doe. It’s because of their different genotypes. All people benefit from a diet composed of whole foods including lean proteins and plenty of vegetables. But in toning weight loss and optimum health, Clients need become different from the other. Human beings have a 0.05 % difference in the body components. They are 99.5% same. This tiny, tiny percentage accounts for millions of genetic codes. In that 0.05%, you find SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphs). When SNPs are altered it causes a sequence variation in the human genome).

why should you test genes?

Skin colour, body size, hair type and susception to various illnesses are dependent on how your body interacts with the environment. If your body is to grow to 7’2” and the environment isn’t conducive you may suffer from a stunted height. What we consume as infants and embryos affect our genes and regulate our traits several decades later. As a nutritionist, you should embrace this functional approach to examine your client’s health history and identify key areas such as the nutrient deficiencies, genetic mutations and biochemical imbalances. Adopting our gene box in testing your clients will enable you to use the latest evidence-based nutrition method that creates a combinatory diet, nutrients and lifestyle modifications.


As a nutritionist, it will help you identify genome variation arising from the diet as a selective pressure helps in identification of nutrient utilisation alleles. Our gene testing reports will help you understand the molecular mechanisms causing gene-nutrient interactions and their modifications. All these details in the report will help you as a nutritionist to come up with dietary recommendations and optimise your patient’s health.

Our The Gene Box test will measure how the genes respond to seven dietary components linked to disease risks.

Should we eat according to our genes? Does this sound too futuristic? Sounds like a scene in a sci-fi movie? Our researchers have been constantly discovering how minute differences in our genes affect what we should eat; you can now get your patients a genetic test and formulate a diet plan for them. With the test results, you can recommend the specific details about the level of nutrients one needs to take and the diseases they may be susceptible to.

It may sound complicated now but you shouldn’t shy away from using The Gene Box. Along with sharing dietary prescription, The Gene Box will be useful in exercise prescriptions as specific genes are identified with muscle size and athletic performance

In summary, by using our genetic information in nutrition practices, a nutritionist will be able

  • To identify patients who risk single-gene disorder and complex disorder that has nutritional implications.
  • Assess patients’ response to particular diet plan
  • Design nutrition approaches that aid in disease prevention and health promotion.

While the genetic screen information is useful to the dietician. It may not give how patients will feel and react to the results. However, having access to this genetic knowledge brings a sense of self-responsibility to the patient that the nutrition has to guide it.

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