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Welcome to the gene box. Here we unbox your curiosity about genome mystique and make it work for your advantage. Connect with us to explore possibilities.


The Gene Box/ Science behind it

“Instructions From Your Genes”

The Gene Box combines personal genomics with years of research in genetics, to create a wellness ecosystem for everyone, which can be used it to ascertain and obtain ideal day to day lifestyles.

Personal Genomics:

Our genetic profiles determine what makes us unique and different from each other. You can think of it as the blueprint of your body or as a manual for how all your cells and bodily-mechanisms operate. However, it is way lengthier and more difficult to interpret than say - a regular electronic product’s manual, the body being among the most complex of creations. Personal Genomics is basically the science of understanding this complicated instruction manual to our unique bodies. Sounds boring?

Well, with The Gene Box, we aim to simplify and make this information more interesting and relatable to your life. We do so by sequencing and analyzing the genetic profile of an individual, which we then process and study to determine the best lifestyle plan for you, to harness the true potential of your genes. In other words, if your goal in life is to be as good as your favourite sportsman, the The Gene Box test will reveal your genetic strengths to train and weaknesses to avoid, and it may also reveal your genetic potential to be an even greater sportsman.

No guesses, no expert opinions, just your genes talking!

Day-to-day Lifestyle & Genetics -

From family advice to the advice of friends, from expert advice to internet experts, we keep taking advice in order to live the ideal life. Why exhaust our Time, Money and Effort, following temporary trends, fashion fads, mindless health-plans and taxing fitness programmes, in our pursuit for Wellness. We completely disregard consulting the most certain source on the functioning of our bodies, i.e. our genes.

Genetics helps take away the pain of not knowing what really can and cannot work with your body. Once you figure out what your genetic preferences are through genetic profiling, it becomes much easier to plan a routine that’s balanced and best suited to bring the best out of your body. Knowledge is power and knowing your genetic strengths, allows you to live intelligently.

The Gene Box’s Wellness Ecosystem:

Compared to other contemporary approaches, successfully consulting one’s Genetics provides the most personal and intelligent approach to a healthier lifestyle.

The Gene Box builds on this approach - by introducing you to a Wellness Ecosystem, which includes genetic testing, qualified Geneticists and Health Counselors for consultation, tailor-made plans, fast-evolving recommendation engines, ambient devices for tracking, state of the art AI and in addition to that, customised subscription plans for everyone.

We essentially employ a multidisciplinary expert to carry out research, validation, proper assessment and further develop our product, which provides the best insights about a person’s inborn traits. Through our unique product and highly customised subscription plans, we provide applying Genetic-based solutions for various day to day problems and life goals.

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