Nutrigenomics - The Gene Box

“Rice is bad for weight!”  But have you wondered that many rice eater communities, in fact, have leaner frames? Why is that? I hear you say, “It is in their genes”. Yes, it is how their genes react to the rice. So basically, rice is not the problem, but there is Nutrigenomics at play here.

Let us understand what this means to a common man. This science of studying genes is called Genomics. It is the study of the entire set of genes found in living things including humans, plants, animals and even viruses.

There is a deeper connection between food and genes. The food you eat has an impact on your genes and your genes have a profound effect on your nutritional requirements, metabolism and the ability to lose or gain weight.

When it comes to the nutrients that you take in through your diets or supplements, your genes can cause you to respond differently from other people. This knowledge is profound in leading a healthy life. Armed with this information, an individual can make appropriate choices regarding his/her health and is saved a lot of trial and

But all this sounds too technical and brings in images of labs and tests. Not anymore! Nowadays the gene testing for nutrition has become quite easy and convenient. You can get yourself analyzed without a prick on your body.

I recently came across a company called The Gene Box. They are into the genetic analysis. That’s it! And they give you a big, fat report of your genetic analysis with regards to nutrition, health, and fitness.