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The Gene Box is a pioneer in predictive analysis for wellness and research. With years of experience in genomics, we provide our partners with a data-to-reports platform and reporting analytics. Our research team is committed to providing pioneering research solutions to serve our partners.

Why The Gene Box

An unmatched labyrinth of complex systems drives The Gene Box's technology and infrastructure. Accurate sequencing performance, exhaustive knowledge repository, robust report generation engine and holistic risk scoring system are the four pillars that form The Gene Box foundation.

The Gene Box Services

Collaborative Research

As experts in genomic science and data-driven technology, our research-based partnerships offer in-depth scientific solutions for the end-user

Customized Reports

We generate personalized reports that can be customized to fit your business needs.

Actionable Recommendations

We interpret genetic data and translate biological information to practical solutions

Who We Serve


Sports and Fitness Industry

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Healthcare Professionals

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Pharmaceutical Industry

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Child Care

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Insurance Industry

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Corporate Wellness

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Research Organisations

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We understand the genetic influence on nutrition, metabolism, food-disorders and other diet-related physiological responses. We provide nutritionists with customizable reports for accurate and deeper insights.
We reveal the effect of genes on exercise, sports, and nutrition to create more effective fitness programs.
Genetic analysis provides our healthcare partners with accurate information on an individual’s risk to various lifestyle diseases and health conditions that enable them to make smarter lifestyle choices.
With a comprehensive analysis of the genetic influence on physiological processes, we provide the industry with all the support they need for drug research.
We understand and implement the significant advances in genomic science, particularly for children and young adults, with respect to nutrition, sports, and fitness.
Genetic risk assessment can guide the industry to ascertain individual risk profiles by providing more accurate and holistic health analysis.
Whoever said that FMCG is easy and low-tech, is a thing of the past. It is of utmost importance to satisfy the new needs of the consumer using advanced technology and science-backed solutions. You can get a competitive edge on novel products backed by fundamental scientific research and population studies.
An employee-centric wellness program is no longer a luxury but a necessary business strategy for the overall harmony of an organization. The Gene Box partners with wellness enablers to provide a holistic approach to employees.
If your organization's primary goal is to conduct fundamental, industrial or experimental research, The Gene Box is your trusted genomic knowledge partner.

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