Insurance Industry

Although genetic testing itself has been around for a long time, this was only accessible and affordable for few people. The Gene Box is bringing this technology to your doorstep which will not only help your clients to know their genetic risks for certain diseases, but also help you in understanding the health trends within populations and set appropriate insurance coverages and plans, which will further enhance your service.

As a part of the insurance industry, you are in a unique position to help people understand the importance of securing their future and health. But what if your clients have insights into their genetic makeup, which will help them understand their predispositions and risks for certain diseases? Having this information will encourage them to insure themselves against their risks and also make smarter lifestyle choices.

With the aid of predictive genetic testing you can influence people to protect their futures based on their genetic propensities. This will also give an understanding of the disease trends and help you come up with better health cover packages that suit the current population.

With our help you can introduce genetic testing into the insurance space and become a pioneer in using this latest technology and transform the insurance industry.