Pharmaceutical Industry

One of the obstacles in the process of drug development is the unpredictable nature of drug interactions in the human body. Pharmacogenomics is the solution to eliminate this hurdle and revolutionise the drug development process. Genetics can give a deeper insight into an individuals’ or a population’s innate ability to respond to medications and predict the effects. This information can play a very important role in the selection of viable targets for drugs and also aid in developing compounds that are safer and more effective.

Assessing genetic makeup while selecting subjects for a clinical trial can predict their reactions to the drugs in question, which can help exclude individuals who may respond adversely with fatal side effects. Thus, helping in the process of assessing drug safety.

This evolving field brings together the principles of pharmacology and genomics in order to tailor-make medications and determine doses as per an individual’s genetics to improve drug efficacy. This newly emerging science has the potential to significantly increase success rates and decrease the adverse reactions in drug interventions.

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