Child Care

At The Gene Box, we want to empower families to have more information about their children’s health to ensure their well-being. When we do everything we can to ensure the well-being of our children and create a secure future for them, why not take the right steps to secure their health as well.

Massive strides in the field of genetic science have enabled us to explore our basic genetic makeup to determine our body’s response to diet, environmental factors and to determine our disease risks.

Having this information will help parents in choosing the right kind of diet, physical activities and sports for their children. It will also help to understand their child’s predisposition to certain diseases and take active measures to control, delay the onset or in some cases, even prevent the onset of such diseases. This insight into their genetics will enable children to follow the ideal diet, right kind of physical activities/sports, be aware of their food sensitivities and health risks early on in life.

At The Gene Box, we are equipped to help you explore this latest technology and arm parents with information about their children’s health and biology to avoid any untoward health and fitness concerns and to plan their future with more care and precision.