The Gene Box is a pioneer in predictive analysis in lifestyle, critical illnesses and research. With years of experience in genomics, we provide our partners with a data to reports platform and reporting analytics. Our innovative research team has committed to providing pioneering genetic testing techniques to serve our partners.


The subject of nutrition invokes a lot of interest as weight management is the key step in the wellness revolution. Today, the dietary recommendations are based on pathology tests, which represents the present state of the health of an individual.

But is that truly enough? What about inherited conditions and future tendencies? Will dietary solutions actually work if the root of the problem is unknown?

Well, no! That’s why if you’re a nutritionist you need to partner with The Gene Box. Every aspect of human functioning is carefully scripted by genetics. To understand the body completely and reason out certain behaviours and conditions, one must pay attention to the secrets within one’s DNA.

Our panels depict the past, present and future genetic predispositions of a person. You, as a nutritionist will therefore have the magic lamp of information that will allow you to read a patient’s DNA to get a comprehensive idea of the factors triggering the symptoms and how to best guide an individual towards their goals. With the help of genetics, you can give a more personalised experience to your customers.

Sports and Fitness Industry

The wizards of the fitness world have the responsibility of helping individuals realise their fitness goals. As a fitness trainer, your primary approach is to understand your trainee’s strengths and weaknesses. To keep the magic working, you make sure your trainee follows a strict diet and training regimen. After all this, more often the desired training outcomes are not met.

What if we told you that there is a better way, a far more advanced solution to cross the fitness hurdles. By taking a gene test and knowing a person’s genetic strengths and weaknesses, you can actually take a more targeted approach.

We at The Gene Box are equipped to help you with the science behind fitness and nutrition. While we focus on the science, you can focus on helping your customers realise their true potential.

Healthcare Professionals

The Gene Box assists wellness and medical professionals to work on a ‘lab to intervention’model. We aim to build intervention strategies with the help of advanced data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques which will in turn generate unique analytics for the end users. This will translate into more comprehensive and accurate outcomes.

The Gene Box’s aim is to provide a diverse range of smart lifestyle solutions to the end user through the medium of genetics. Genetics is destined to be one of the most essential and sought-after aspects of the health and fitness arenas. The Gene Box stands as a cornerstone for making genetic data useful and accessible for interventional purposes.

Pharmaceutical Industry

One of the obstacles in the process of drug development is the unpredictable nature of drug interactions in the human body. Pharmacogenomics is the solution to eliminate this hurdle and revolutionise the drug development process. Genetics can give a deeper insight into an individuals’ or a population’s innate ability to respond to medications and predict the effects. This information can play a very important role in the selection of viable targets for drugs and also aid in developing compounds that are safer and more effective.

Assessing genetic makeup while selecting subjects for a clinical trial can predict their reactions to the drugs in question, which can help exclude individuals who may respond adversely with fatal side effects. Thus, helping in the process of assessing drug safety.

This evolving field brings together the principles of pharmacology and genomics in order to tailor-make medications and determine doses as per an individual’s genetics to improve drug efficacy. This newly emerging science has the potential to significantly increase success rates and decrease the adverse reactions in drug interventions.

Venture into this latest avenue in Drug Development and Precision Medicine with The Gene Box to revolutionise the pharmaceutical industry.

Child Care

At The Gene Box, we want to empower families to have more information about their children’s health to ensure their well-being. When we do everything we can to ensure the well-being of our children and create a secure future for them, why not take the right steps to secure their health as well.

Massive strides in the field of genetic science have enabled us to explore our basic genetic makeup to determine our body’s response to diet, environmental factors and to determine our disease risks.

Having this information will help parents in choosing the right kind of diet, physical activities and sports for their children. It will also help to understand their child’s predisposition to certain diseases and take active measures to control, delay the onset or in some cases, even prevent the onset of such diseases. This insight into their genetics will enable children to follow the ideal diet, right kind of physical activities/sports, be aware of their food sensitivities and health risks early on in life.

At The Gene Box, we are equipped to help you explore this latest technology and arm parents with information about their children’s health and biology to avoid any untoward health and fitness concerns and to plan their future with more care and precision.

Insurance Industry

Although genetic testing itself has been around for a long time, this was only accessible and affordable for few people. The Gene Box is bringing this technology to your doorstep which will not only help your clients to know their genetic risks for certain diseases, but also help you in understanding the health trends within populations and set appropriate insurance coverages and plans, which will further enhance your service.

As a part of the insurance industry, you are in a unique position to help people understand the importance of securing their future and health. But what if your clients have insights into their genetic makeup, which will help them understand their predispositions and risks for certain diseases? Having this information will encourage them to insure themselves against their risks and also make smarter lifestyle choices.

With the aid of predictive genetic testing you can influence people to protect their futures based on their genetic propensities. This will also give an understanding of the disease trends and help you come up with better health cover packages that suit the current population.

With our help you can introduce genetic testing into the insurance space and become a pioneer in using this latest technology and transform the insurance industry.


Genetics is destined to be one of the most essential and sought-after aspects of human life. The success of products like lactose-free milk, soya products or gluten free options is backed by population genetics.

One big innovation opportunity that is often missed in FMCG is marketing innovation. Too often, front-end innovation projects are reduced to mere flavour/packaging variations of what is already available.

Let The Gene Box will be your innovation partner so that your product can speak for itself in this vast, competitive FMCG market.

Corporate Wellness

A forward approach for forward-thinking companies.

Corporate professionals are striving against lifestyle illnesses due to an elusive work-life balance. With the alarming state of poor health in the urban population, the silver lining in the story is that the desire for a healthier lifestyle has never been more obvious.

If you are an organisation that identifies the infrangible connection between corporate health and productivity, we are there to support you. We can work with you via credible healthcare partners to enable professionals to acknowledge their innate strengths and weaknesses so that they can make smarter lifestyle choices. This approach not only safeguards the long-term health of the employees but also the well being of your organisation.

Research Organisations

Research organisations are driven by the purpose of applying fundamentals of science to improve the quality of life. Since all aspects of human functioning are driven by genetics, we can help research organisations achieve their goals.

Whatever your research goals are, we are equipped with the latest science and technology. The Gene Box is an expert in population genetics and disease risk prediction. By looking at causation studies, understanding GWA studies (Genome-wide Association), deep-diving into the biochemical and physiological associations, our risk prediction and modelling platform for several nutritional, fitness and lifestyle conditions is revolutionary.

The Gene Box stands as a cornerstone for making genetic data useful and accessible for interventional purposes. We use it as a key to provide personalised solutions to individuals, thus pushing scientific progress into practice.


Biobanks are essentially a biological insurance to clients in real time. The Gene Box can further your goals by offering integrated genomics solutions. Neonatal care panels and focussed research we aim to work towards predictive and personalized medicine. The recommendations embrace the use of genomics to aid in the diagnosis of sick newborns