The subject of nutrition invokes a lot of interest as weight management is the key step in the wellness revolution. Today, the dietary recommendations are based on pathology tests, which represents the present state of the health of an individual.

But is that truly enough? What about inherited conditions and future tendencies? Will dietary solutions actually work if the root of the problem is unknown?

Well, no! That’s why if you’re a nutritionist you need to partner with The Gene Box. Every aspect of human functioning is carefully scripted by genetics. To understand the body completely and reason out certain behaviours and conditions, one must pay attention to the secrets within one’s DNA.

Our panels depict the past, present and future genetic predispositions of a person. You, as a nutritionist will therefore have the magic lamp of information that will allow you to read a patient’s DNA to get a comprehensive idea of the factors triggering the symptoms and how to best guide an individual towards their goals. With the help of genetics, you can give a more personalised experience to your customers.