The 21st Century Diagnostics

2611 BC – Ancient Egypt:  As Imoteph laid on the Ancient Operation Slab, fatigued from his disease symptoms, a ‘Healer’ handed him a mixture of bloodstone, red grain, and carob, cooked in oil. “Take it in the next 4 mornings with honey”, said the Doctor. Another healer walked up to Imotph and recited a spell against the disease.

611 BC – Ancient Greece:  2000 years after Imoteph’s Diagnosis, Hippocrates recorded the association between disease and heredity, while Pythagoras noted the association between metabolism and heredity. The medical community, however, has only recently acknowledged the importance of genetics and its relevance to mainstream medicine.

1400 AD – Western Europe: The world now had a better understanding of diseases and how to cure them. It is in this era that David’s great ancestor, Robert was diagnosed with diabetes. His blood was collected in a vial and its viscosity and color were observed while it drained from Robert’s arm. The rate, power, and tempo of his pulsing artery were also carefully noted by a physician. The color and viscosity denoted whether Robert had an acute, major or chronic disease; which also assisted the physician in zeroing down on the presence of excess blood sugar in Robert’s body.
Today: “In each person’s DNA lies a script for how their bodies will change and become ill as well as how they will handle the assaults of the environment from the beginning of their life to its end.”

Medical diagnostic methods have evolved to such an extent that today, a genetic test could reveal the biological strengths and weaknesses with respect to these assaults and predict disease proneness before they can manifest. The physician forewarned with this knowledge could guide the patients towards appropriate lifestyle changes to
 anticipate and mitigate disease processes.

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